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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quality is Key!

It’s fair to make the assumption that the majority of people choose a certain restaurant because of the prices. With the economy recovering slowly and prices of almost everything rising people are trying to cut costs wherever they can. A new survey conducted by the NDP Group proves otherwise. 
Generally, when restaurants begin to lose sales, the first thing owners tend to do its try to cut costs to improve their bottom line. This seems like a smart plan but it isn’t as simple as it seems. By cutting costs, quality of food tends to suffer. In the survey conducted by the NDP Group, the main reason people visit a specific restaurant is the quality of the food served there. So when deciding to improve your bottom lines by cutting costs, quality is the last thing that should suffer.  Even cutting costs on little details can make a big impact on the experience of the customer. By putting quality of food first, you are very likely to acquire regular customers, and word of mouth is very important in this industry! See the rest of the survey results below.

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