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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Stop: Quebec City

The drive from the GTA to Quebec City is approximately 8 hours, but the vicious construction around Montreal added an extra hour or so.  Nonetheless, we arrived at the historic Chateau Frontenac at 7pm.  The "vieux" city was abuzz with activity:  buskers, street scapes, horse and buggies, tourists and the serenity of the river.  Our room in the tower (two elevators to reach the turret!) overlooks the river and the Citadel. 
We were lured to the cobbled streets by the sounds and aromas coming from the various cafes and bistros that are abundant in the old town.  Old stone buildings with deep window ledges that house the large paned windows gape open into the evening and allow passersby a glimpse into the warmth within.  It was just such a peak that drew us into "D'Orsay" a quaint european pub with raised banquets that sit next to the windows and offer diners a wonderful view and ambience while they enjoy their meal.
The menu was eclectic: mixed among traditional local cuisine was an array of adventurous options.  My personal choice was the steak tartare followed by a mix of baby greens and artichoke hearts topped with .... duck confit.  Decadent!!  My partner enjoyed escargot in tomato sauce wrapped in phyllo. Another hit! To complement our meal we enjoyed a local pale ale.
Luckily the walk back to the Chateau Frontenac was helpful in settling the delicious food.  Tired from the drive we have decided to explore a bit of the city tomorrow in daylight after a good night's sleep.  And after breakfast - bien sur!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our PEI Connection

One of the greatest benefits of the Canadian Chef Educators Association (CCEA), in addition to exploring the culinary crevices of Canada!, is meeting new friends from far and wide.  This year we met two inspiring chefs from the PEI Culinary Institute at Holland College:  Chef Hans and Chef Blair.  They were full of neat, innovative ideas and invited us to see their facility in action.  Who could say no to that?
Off we go, with high expectations, to visit the prestigious PEI Culinary Institute in Charlottetown.  I can't wait to try their "Lucy Maude Dining Room".  Seems like everything on this charming, picturesque island has a reference to Ann of Green Gables!  Chef Blair is a pastry chef at the college, so I'm particularly keen to taste test his work. 

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Canadian Chef Educators

We were so fortunate to host this year's Canadian Chef Educators Conference in picturesque Waterloo Region.  Chefs from across Canada gathered to experience the local flavours of Waterloo and see the bounty of the region.  One of the most interesting visits of the weekend was at Flora Lane Produce in Elmira.  Stuart Horst (our host and the owner/operator of the farm) showed us his amazing tomato growing operation.  Once being a large dairy operation, the farm is now specializing in tomato greenhouse growing and distribution.  A truly worthwhile visit as their farm also has a small store on site featuring other local wares and produce.

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