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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 ways to save at the supermarket

Food prices are rising with no signs of stopping. Food is a necessity and for us, delicious food is too. There are ways to save money when grocery shopping without having to sacrifice quality and flavour. Here are some tips to keep you within budget when grocery shopping.
1) Plan your trip.
Wandering around the supermarket, grabbing every eye catching product can be very expensive. By preparing your meals for the week in advance and making a shopping list of the items you need. This will help you from over spending and it will save you time.
2) Control your impulses.
Grocery stores are set up like mazes forcing you to navigate the whole store to find what you need. With sale signs at every glance it is easy to get distracted and by unnecessary items. These unneeded items, even if they are on sale add up.
3) Don’t shop hungry.
Simply put, if you’re hungry your stomach will do the shopping causing you to overspend.
4) Avoid prepared food.
Buying the ingredients for your meals and preparing them at home will save you tons of cash. Prepared meals are convenient but they are pricy. There is another benefit of preparing your own meals, it is healthier! You are in control of what goes into your meal, no preservatives and no mystery ingredients.
5) Buy locally.
Locally grown and produced foods are generally cheaper because you don’t have to pay for the long transportation costs. Because produce isn’t being shipped far, it will also be fresher and contain more nutrients. Check local farmer markets and the local aisle of your supermarket for fresher and less expensive food.
6) Look down.
Grocery stores place the most expensive products at eye level. Just look down, you will find the generic version of an almost identical product. Don’t let a fancy package persuade you into paying extra.
7) Look for sales.
When making your shopping list for the week, check supermarket flyers for sales. Sales can be worth switching supermarkets for. If there is a sale on necessity items or on non perishable good, stock up.
8) Watch for “Best before” dates.
As “best before” dates approach, you are usually guaranteed a discount. Stock up on discounted meats, as long as you store them in your freezer the “best before” date shouldn’t worry you.
9) Substitute recipe items.
Get creative with your cooking! If a recipe calls for an expensive item, try and think of a less expensive but equally delicious alternative.
10)Review your bill.
Electronic scanners are convenient but they are not perfect. Be sure to check the prices of your purchases to make sure you were charged accurately.

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