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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Support the Liaison College Youth Success Fund

Three years ago the president of Liaison College , Rudy Florio, established the Liaison College Youth Success Fund to promote higher education for marginalized youth who had financial barriers preventing them from attending post-secondary education.  To date the fund has raised about $15,000 and students benefitting from the proceeds are attending Mohawk and Ryerson.  Rudy knows first hand what higher education can do - he was destined for a dead end career until his football coach made arrangements for Rudy to attend university on a scholarship.  But not everyone has the athletic ability to make a scholarship happen.  Funding an education puts it out of reach for many.  That's where the Liaison College Youth Success Fund comes in.

In a strategic partnership with the John Howard Society (JHS Hamilton & Burlington), the fund is administered and managed by the organization which allows donors to receive a tax receipt.  According to the Executive Director of the JHS, David Lane,

"The Liaison College Youth Success Fund is a wonderful mechanism for area youth to access higher education.  Education and training are the foundation of success in life."

Funds are raised annually at a special event held in the Spring.  This year's event is being held on May 31st.

Make a difference.  Join the cause.