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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 Unique Cooking Tricks.

Every chef has their little tricks that make cooking easier.  These tips won’t make you an amazing chef but they will definitely make your journey a little easier. 

1) Run bacon under cold water before frying, it will prevent shrinking.

2) Freeze cheese for 25 minutes before grating, it will shred much easier.

3) To stop your eyes from running when cutting an onion, place 2 matchsticks in your mouth (match head sticking out). The phosphorus absorbs the vapours from the onion.

4) When using green onions save the white ends (with roots) and put in a glass jar with little water. The onions will grow back and you will always have green onions handy.

5) Adding a piece of bread to the bottom of the cookie jar will make the cookies stay fresh longer. 

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