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Monday, July 15, 2013

What are you if your mantra is "Normal is Weird"

Chances are you're affiliated with Flying Monkeys Brewery in Barrie ON.  No kidding.  Check out the website - chock full of monkey business.

Craft breweries are trending world wide as brew masters showcase their hoppy skills and create the definitive beer.  A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Matador, a limited edition craft IPA from Flying Monkeys.  With an alcohol content of 13% it has a kick to accompany the robust flavour.  After a sip I was hooked.  But in order to maintain my sense of "normal", I did the right thing and switched to a lower alcohol option.  StereoVision - same brewery, similar robust flavours and slower buzz effect.  Now that summer's here you don't want to go overboard too quickly.

The story of the humble beginnings of the brewery resonate with me.  I have had the good fortune to speak to other craft brewers and they all tell a similar tale of passion and hops and bitters.  They love what they do.  Plain and simple.

The Flying Monkeys Brewery is located in the heart of downtown Barrie ON within a short stroll to the lake and the picturesque Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe.  The store front is a blend of historical and funky as is the interior.  When you walk into the store you are greeted with a colourful collection of monkey business as well as the huge imposing glass doors that lead into the brewery itself where the large stainless vats are housed.  Aside from the rainbow of colours there's rock music playing and the alluring aroma of brewing bitters permeates the air.  There's no doubt that beer is nearby!

So you can choose your brew from the selection in the coolers and then ramp up your purchase with monkey junk - T-shirts; mugs; recipe books and other paraphernalia. A friendly reminder of the place long after the last sip is supped.

And while you're enjoying your hoppy-ness, try your hand at the Beer Cap Wisdom - a cool tool to get you thinking along the lines of a fortune cookie - the sayings that are found under the cap as you pop it off.  You may just get hooked on the sayings - quasi beer religion - and pop caps just to get sage advice.  Just remember, the sayings come from customers and bumper stickers so they may not be rocket science.  But you get to enjoy a really good brew for your efforts.

Cheers, weirdos.

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