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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let Them Eat Steak

There's just something about summer that evokes the smell, sizzle and taste of a BBQ steak.  In a quest to conquer the concept of  bovine BBQ bliss, I thought it best to go to the ultimate source.  A trusted source:  Chef/Butcher and former Liaison College instructor - Michael Cortese - now the proud owner and operator and chief meat maestro at Cordino's Fine Meats in Barrie.

Cordino's Fine Meats & Deli @ FaceBook

Rule number one:  find out where the meat is coming from; happy cows make for better tasting beef products.
Cordino's buys their beef from a friendly farm in Schomberg where cows are able to graze in fields and enjoy their days in the outdoors.

Rule number two:  Insist on dry aged meat (versus the wet aging process which occurs in the kryo-packages that meat is stored in upon slaughter - and left there until cut for sale)

Rule number three:  select your cut of meat with your own taste in mind and don't forget about the cheaper cuts which, when prepared properly, can be a surprisingly delicious option.
Rule Number four:  make sure your meat is dry (using a paper towel for example) before seasoning and it is recommended that you brush the meat with oil before seasoning with salt and pepper only according to your taste
Rule Number Five:  make sure your grill is hot and clean - a charcoal grill is recommended - and your meat is cooked only until desired doneness is reached; pros will use the finger method to test for doneness (pressing the meat and the firmer the more done it is) but you can always fall back on a meat thermometer until you reach "pro" status
Rule Number six:  when you pull your meat from the grill, make sure you let it rest for 2 min so that the juices (which are flowing quickly due to heat) are allowed to settle back into the flesh for full flavour impact
Enjoy your steak.

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