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Monday, July 15, 2013

Chef of the Day

Many gourmet cooks aspire to the notion of business ownership.  Whether it's a B&B, fine dining establishment, organic loca-vore bistro, food truck or catering - just a few of the options that has enticed Liaison College graduates.  It all started with a chance to be Chef of the Day while in class.  Business ownership without the risk is one way that Liaison College students are introduced to the operation of serving live customers.

Students are required to create a menu, prepare the costing, the ingredient (shopping list) and execute the menu for real customers.

From the Farm is owned and operated by Cynthia Peters, a Liaison College graduate who envisioned a special place where foodies could gather to share good food and knowledge. 
With over 9,500 "likes" and followers, Gorilla Cheese is the brain child of Liaison College grad, Graham Smith. This business plan class project didn't just go viral; it went LIVE.
The 3rd mayor of Whitby, Ezra Anne, built a family home in 1836.  Today this heritage home houses the Ezra Anne's B & B owned and operated by Liaison College grad, Christine Bilas.  Christine offers accommodations, private parties, weddings and other events; she even incorporates her passion for sailing into the mix.

Taking a stab at the trendy BBQ fad is Liaison College graduate Steve Varnasidis in Cambridge ON.  Steve's venture, Q BBQ Public House , features all of the regular BBQ and smoking favourites you would expect to find.
Join us for a Chef of the Day experience and meet the future chefs coming to a neighbourhood near you!

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