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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Game of Thrones for Business?

I have a new addiction; thanks to my step daughter, Sarah.  Game of Thrones.  The HBO series, now in its third season, is a medieval saga surrounding the kingdoms and their battles for control of the throne.  Just as I am reeling from the Season One finale (it's like a page turner where you can't put the book down and burn the midnight oil just to get to the end) I open my email to find a news alert from Jeffrey Gitomer (he's a sales and marketing guru who puts out email blasts of encouragement to his readership).  Today's alert caught my eye in particular because of its reference to thrones....  here's the excerpt:

Is the Sword of Damocles Hanging Over Your Head!?

Dan Heffernan, General Manager of Dale Carnegie Digital

The flatterer Damocles was once given the chance to see for himself what it was like to be a king. He tasted the exhilaration while sitting on the royal throne, until he looked up and saw a sword dangling by a string over his head. In a flash the flatterer gladly gave the seat back to its rightful owner.

To be a leader is to act, and to act is to take risks. Think about it. Is it possible to separate leading from risk-taking? Some who aspire to lead have a tough time making a decision under pressure. They blanch like Damocles when they notice the sword, responding to the natural risks of leadership by inaction, avoidance, or even reckless reaction, any one of which is likely to increase the consequences of the risk. How do you handle risk?


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