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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liaison College student to publish cookbook -- all about bologna!

Oakville Liaison College student Kevin Phillips is writing a cookbook.  It may be the definitive book on his favourite subject matter .... bologna.

Kevin is originally from Newfoundland where bologna is a staple in everyone's diet. It is something that he clearly remembers eating while growing up in the 1950s.

"Food was scarce, and bologna was always cheap," he recalls. "So my mom would make stuffed bologna, bologna rolls, bologna jerky. Really, bologna is a big part of old-style cooking in Newfoundland."

After a distinguished 33-year career with the Canadian Armed Forces, Kevin retired in 2011 to pursue his passion for cooking through Liaison College. Along the way, he realized that many of the old-style bologna recipes he'd grown up with, were being lost, from one generation to the next.  So he decided to find and compile all those recipes into a cookbook -- the first of its kind.

"My dad and I, we used to make bologna sandwiches," Kevin recently told The Globe and Mail newspaper. "We put a coleslaw dressing on it and we thought it was the greatest thing!"

Yes, Kevin knows that bologna tends to have a bad reputation in some circles for being a bit of a "mystery meat" and/or, unhealthy. He notes, however, that bologna is "delicious," and, like any other food, it is fine if eaten in moderation. And perhaps this is why his cookbook -- which will feature at least 365 recipes: one for every day of the year -- has found a publisher and is on track for publication in 2014.

"All my life, I've been interested in cooking," Kevin adds. "So when I retired, I wanted to learn about the science of cooking... and also get back to some cooking basics. My training, and now this cookbook, have allowed me to focus on both. I am very happy about that."

Kevin was interviewed recently on the CBC Radio. Have a listen ..... and enjoy the taste of The Rock.

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