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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Inspirations on the Menu

Last week at the Chef of the Day luncheon the students introduced a menu fit for spring (and the weather to go along with!).  We were joined at the table by Susanne & Georgia The Wine Ladies and Paul & Ross from Delft Blue Veal along with other foodies.  The menu of the day was a colourful and flavourful combination suitable to the season.  As Chef David Bakker explained, menus will change this time of year in favour of items that are more suitable to our lighter palates in the warmer days and building up to fresher and seasonal produce.

For an appetizer the Chef introduced a Rillette of Rabbit which was served with pickled beets and pistachio paste (both in its raw form and also dehydrated as a chip).  The sprigs of fresh sprouts finished the colourful presentation.

The Main Course features Veal wrapped in Napa Cabbage and served with Tomatoes simmered in Plum Sauce and a Pave of Potatoes

The Dessert featured a decadent chocolate mousse covered in tempered chocolate (giving it a shiny hard looking surface .... but it was soft and gooey ... perfection) with a beignet, raspberry jelly and icecream.

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