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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Campus Open House

A lot of times prospective students want to get a better feel for a training facility by seeing it in action; they also want  a chance to share the experience with their support team (family, friends) before making a decision about continuing education.  A school Open House is a great way for students to check out the happenings, see the kitchen in action, talk to instructors and current students and meet others who have a passion for cooking and food.

And it's funny who you can bump into at an Open House ..... Like The Mayor!  Indeed, at a recent Open House in Liaison College Durham (located in Whitby) the Mayor of Oshawa (John Henry) and wife were in attendance.  It seems they share a joy of cookery and attend some of the evening amateur classes.

And talk about creativity!  The LC logo is done entirely in chocolate and handmade at the school.  Check out this Video - Chocolate Symphony to see the chef in action.  If it looks good enough to eat, it's probably chocolate.

Liaison College campuses offer an Open House experience at regular intervals.  Make sure you check the websites regularly or contact the campus nearest to you for more details.  Feed your passion!

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