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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiration Plus Food = Magic

Meet Chef Elaina.  Elaina came to Canada from Lebanon when she was 11.  She was inspired by the great cooks in her family and chose culinary as her vocation.  But she soon learned that she had a love for sharing her passion for cooking with others and became a trainer and mentor to cooks entering the industry.

Elaina's passion for cooking is strong.  Like the aromas that waft from her teaching kitchen at Liaison College in Kitchener, Elaina can entice even the most shy palate to taste her creations.  Made with flair and great skill, Elaina's tasty output will, simultaneously, wow, impress and cause your mouth to water.  Students love her for her skills and her compassion.

However, not all is rosy for Chef Elaina.  In 2003 she was stricken with every woman's worst fear:  breast cancer.  Elaina has great faith and strength of character.  You notice this the minute you meet her and she focuses intently on your every word with her kind, brown eyes.  Elaina's faith and modern science have combined with her inner strength to give her a new lease on life and renewed passion for what she loves:  cooking and teaching.  In that order.

We are proud to have Elaina in our midst.  Check out the recent article in the KW Record

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