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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

On February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day or, as it is also referred to:  The Feast of St. Valentine.  However, most of us know that sending and receiving Valentines is a show of affection or love to our sweetheart. 

Well, at Liaison College, it is fitting that a "feast" include Food.

Here are some of my favourite romantic treats:

Warm Chocolate Melting Cakes - this recipe is taught in a workshop offered at Liaison College through Life Experiences (click on the link to the recipe).  It's a class in the Category of "out of the dog house and into the kitchen" where you can entertain and schmooze your sweetie with delicious, warm, chocolatey concoctions.  Say buh bye to the doghouse!

Cheese Fondue - there's nothing like a gooey, warm cheese dripping from a French Baguette complemented by a full bodied wine.  The Food Network has a wonderful recipe for cheese fondue.
My favourite wine at the moment is the McManis Family Petit Syrah from California which has won many awards.  Try it and you will know why!
Whatever your Valentines plans include I wish you a gourmet and romantic day!  Be my Valentine.


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