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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gorilla Cheese make the Top 10

I love getting the Toronto Life updates on who's who in the culinary scene around the GTA.  Much to my reading pleasure, I pulled up the latest Top10 list for food trucks.

Top 10 shows the best food trucks (all the rage at the moment) and among them is Graham Smith's invention, Gorilla Cheese.  The food truck concept that was born in out of a project prepared at Liaison College.   When Graham found himself looking for a new career due to layoff, he decided to pursue his culinary passion at Liaison College - takes the course, does the project and the teacher says:  "if you don't do this - I will" ..... and voila.  Gorilla Cheese goes from concept to reality.

Since then I have been watching the buzz around this and other food trucks as the trend takes off in a frenzy of street-alicious flavours.  The craze is even more delicious because you never know where the elusive food trucks will turn up to sell there gourmet treats.  Unless you follow the Social Media scene ..... try following these roaming foodies via Twitter or FaceBook and you are sure to be in the know on location, location, location.

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