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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner Experience at Envers

Every now and again you want a really great dinner out .... a night out where the dinner is the attraction rather than a show or event of some kind.  And such a dinner it was at Envers of Morriston where we enjoyed three courses of culinary bliss.

The menu is an assortment of flavours and concepts:

Soup of the day
Enver's caesar salad
with double smoked bacon and shaved parmesan
Deerfield's mixed organic greens salad with root vegetable preserve, sweet roasted chestnuts and vanilla cranberry vinaigrette
Butter roasted sea scallops with lemon garlic creamed brussel sprout leaves and maple candied bacon
Enver's duck liver pate with pickles, chutney & onion confit
House made whole duck pastrami with fried duck egg on sourdough with habanero sweet potato hot sauce and pickled fennel
Pan seared Quebec foie gras
on brioche French toast with toasted pecans and apples preserved in Empire apple gastrique
Tandoori grilled giant prawns and mango chutney with Calcutta style puffed rice, fried chickpeas, cucumber, tomato and fragrant herbs
Appetizer Plate for two or more


Chassagne Farm's Partridge: Roasted breasts and apple sage stuffed legs served with parsnip and pear puree, natural jus and roasted squash, caramelized onion and pumpkin seed tart
Pan roasted ribeye of bison over a fricassee of potato, smoked guanciale, wild mushrooms and roasted shallots in red wine jus
Vegetarian sweet potato perogies with seasonal vegetables, sherried black beans and lime creme fraiche
Pan seared beef tenderloin with creamy Du Puy lentils and Bordelaise sauce
Tortiglioni pasta tossed with homemade guanciale, green kale, wild mushrooms, garlic and fresh herbs in white wine creme fraiche sauce
Dry aged Canadian Angus AAA striploin 10oz
with Yukon gold potato puree and homemade
steak sauce (larger cuts available)
Duo of Ontario Lamb: Roasted rack over Colcannon potatoes with natural jus and Wellington Russian Stout lamb stew spiked with whole grain mustard topped with rosemary scone
Fresh fish of the day
Seasonal Vegetables
Handcut Yukon gold frites
with fresh thyme sea salt & aioli
"Tasting portions available upon request"

We shared an appetizer platter consisting of:  pork bellies, prawns, scallops and pate.

I ordered the halibut special:  fish crusted in nuts served with goat cheese potatoes and crisp vegetables.

The dessert list was undeniable.  A warm upside down apple crumble cake served with brown sugar icecream.  Divine.

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