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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The name says it all:  it's Portugese for Southern Brothers

Two foodie brother, tired of their construction jobs, decide to get serious about food.  Jonny takes a course at Liaison College while Jason gets a restaurant concept on a roll.  Combined they are the driving force behind Brampton's newest foodie hot spot in the heart of downtown:  SULIRMAOS
The brothers, along with the help of their instructor, Chef Jeff, are turning their passion into a tasty new reality!
As soon as you walk into the restaurant you get the feeling that there's something cooking - the new kitchen equipment and sparkling machines behind the front service counter are just a twinkle of what's to come....

There is nothing like the essence of freshly ground coffee and the steaming gurgle of an espresso machine to wake up the taste buds!  I had a specialty soda - they plan to make their own organic sodas with a new keg system ... stay tuned as this is really interesting!  I enjoyed the sparkling pomegranate soda which was just the perfect blend of flavour, bubbles and sweetness.  Delicious.
while we sipped ... the cooks cooked ....
We were coached on what to order .... the starters were a platter of smoked tomato crostini.  To the eye it looked like a traditional bruschetta but the smoky flavour that burst to life on the tongue immediately triggered something very untraditional.  To accompany the crostini, we were served the most unusual appetizer:  bacon wrapped peppers stuffed with cheese.  These lethal morsels were delicious - heat, sweet, salty - and complemented with a pepper aioli.  Awesome!
The sandwiches we ordered were huge and mouth-watering:  pulled pork and butter chicken (each with interesting twists on the traditional).
When we could barely move the dessert arrived .... this is by far the most interesting dessert that I have ever (and I mean ever) eaten.  This dessert is a combination of strawberry flavoured shaved ice, topped with boba bubbles served in homemade waffle bowl.  Crazy.  Bursting fresh flavours in an unusually light way.  So much better than icecream!!  and so weird I had to check the reference to BOBA
do yourself a flavour and check out this out of the box eatery that will not disappoint .... YUM!

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