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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gorilla Cheese Please!

Last week Hamilton lined up its range of "food trucks" for an event open to the public to inspire the wide range of offerings out of what could usually be called a "chip wagon".  Not anymore.  The one we focused on, though, was Gorilla Cheese since the concept is the creative vision of Graeme Smith a Liaison College graduate.  Who knew that a background working at Stelco, with its ups and downs of the volatile labour market would result in Graeme feeding his passion at culinary college?  And then to find himself working on a school project where he had to create a business plan.  When his instructor told him:  "if you don't do this business I will!"  that was the tipping point and Gorilla Cheese became a reality.
Now six months in business the truck is fantastically busy.  It's novel; it's a conversation piece and it's tasty.  According to our Exec Assistant, Brittany (who went on a mission to check out the food trucks and said by far the line up at Gorilla Cheese was the longest), it was "the best grilled cheese I've had in my life".  Wow.
The novelty adds to the allure and many articles have been written about Gorilla Cheese.  All you have to do is Google it to see for yourself.
Can't wait for the truck to come to my neighbourhood!

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